2019-2020 RPDA Workshops

Based on our Annual Needs Assessment Survey responses from member districts, evaluation forms from workshop participants and feedback from the Steering Committee, we have selected the following strands for 2019-20 school year. We at RPDA are cognizant that a number of our workshops can be categorized in more than one strand. Please review the workshops across all strands to get the most comprehensive overview of workshops available for the upcoming school year.

  • Autism

    As our knowledge and teaching skills have developed, the workshops addressing the challenges of Autism have also changed to address the continuing needs of staff and parents. This year we are offering two workshops, which focus on different aspects of skill building/acquisition and generalization.

  • Behavior 

    Staff participating in our Annual Needs Assessment Survey expressed a continued need for training in the area of Behavior and its effect on learning. This year we are offering three workshops that will address specific methods and practical strategies that may be implemented to support students. 

  • Best Practices 

    A series of nine workshops comprise this strand which will address diverse approaches to a variety of topics and staff needs that were identified in the 2019 Staff Needs Assessment.

  • Communication

    Staff have identified needs in this area comprising a new strand for this year. We are offering four workshops this year offering a variety of strategies which will address student engagement, motivation and the incorporation of technology. 

  • Literacy

    The staff have identified a continued need for workshops focusing on the teaching of Literacy.  This year we have a robust series of five workshops in Literacy.  We have and will continue to offer “Fee for Service” training in Wilson Reading and Language.


  • Mathematics

Staff expressed additional training needs, according to the 2019 Annual Needs Assessment Survey, in Mathematics. There will be three workshops this year which will focus upon interactive technology, multi-tiered systems of support and strategies for implementation in Mathematics.

  • Mental Health

Knowledgeable practitioners will be presenting two workshops this year addressing mental health issues which students face in our schools today. Presentations will provide strategies regarding effective prevention, intervention and resiliency.


  • Social/Emotional Influences

One of the goals of the  Academy is to bring knowledgeable practitioners to the workshops to share their expertise in the skills required to help students successfully navigate the social/emotional influences that impact learners and the educational environment. We have scheduled five workshops this year to provide you with differing approaches and strategies addressing Social/Emotional issues.