The mission of the Regional Professional Development Academy is to provide†best
practice training to support students with disabilities. Parents and educators will
participate in high-quality professional workshops which will facilitate processes
to advance studentsí knowledge and skills.

RPDA Office

Memorial Middle School
7 Grant Avenue
Eatontown, NJ 07724

Program Administrator
Patricia Rizzo

Training Specialist
Lee Lasser

Administrative Assistant
Deb Smith Ascione

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New or Additional Training
Additional training will be developed based on the needs of the collaborative district. Member district administrators are encouraged to contact the Program Administrator, Patricia Rizzo at 732-513-6205 or to identify needed areas of training.
Weather Emergencies
In case of extreme weather, a workshop may need to be cancelled. Please check this website for information regarding cancellation.

Upcoming Events
WRS Introductory Course - Host District Freehold Township
WRS Introductory Course Day 2
WRS Introductory Course Day 3
Wilson Level 1 Certification - Start-up Day

Monthly Calendar