The mission of the Regional Professional Development Academy is to provide best
practice training to support students with disabilities. Parents and educators will
participate in high-quality professional workshops which will facilitate processes
to advance students’ knowledge and skills.

Upcoming Events
Creating a Well Designed Functional Program for Students with Autism
Applying Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Co-Teaching in Grades 6-12 - Yes, It Works in Middle Schools and High Schools, Too!
STEM, STEAM and Literacy Connections in the Elementary Classroom
Incorporating Technology into the Speech Room
Free, Real-Time, Interactive Technologies for Mathematics
Enhancing the Classroom Experience with American Sign Language
School Refusal: Developing a Plan for Reentry
Social & Emotional Learning Discussions & Activities (Grades 5 – 8)
Making Inclusion Work for ALL Students: Including Students with Complex Support Needs in General Education Classes
Pressure to Succeed
Bridging the Gap Between Principles and Practice: Behavioral Strategies for Managing Problematic Behavior in the Classroom
Mental Health Issues Facing 21st Century Learners
Best Practices in Guided Reading (Grades K – 2)
Using Play Therapy with Students with Emotional and Behavioral Issues
Trauma-Informed Classrooms
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for Mathematics (Grades Pre-K – 5)
Using Student Portfolios to Increase Student Accountability, Assess Progress, and Improve Writing (Grades K-5)
Interactive Technology to Support Math Learning and Instruction (Grades 3 - 8)
Keeping Older Speech Students Motivated: Keep Them Engaged and Build Confidence (Grades 5 – 8)
Questioning Strategies for Reading (Grades 5-8)
Success with Socialization: Teaching the Value of Friendship & Communication with Others
Effectively Including Students with Disabilities in the General Education Classroom: Focus on Elementary School Age
The Paraprofessional’s Essential Role in Facilitating Student Independence and Success
Promoting Student Independence, Successful Inclusion, and Social Skills through Systematic Strategies

Monthly Calendar